Welcome to MCC North London

We would like to share a bit about the church with you. MCCNL strives to be a passionately open, active and Spirit-led Christian faith community. Whilst founded in the LGBT community, the church is open to everyone.

MCCNL invites you to come as you are - you don't have to pretend to be more or less than yourself here. We believe that you will find much love, strength and life-affirming spirituality at the heart of the church.

It is a great place to be moved spiritually through a range of cutting-edge music combined with traditional liturgy in a contemporary style. We hope this makes our services suitable for those who like dynamic Spirit-filled worship within a larger group as well as those who are seeking opportunities for more reflective contemplative moments in worship

Come and join us for our 7pm Praise & Worship Service at Trinity United Reformed Church, Buck Street, Camden.

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  1. Easter Services

    12 April 2017

    We’ve got a lot going on, as usual, this Easter. Last Supper meal, Stations of the Cross, overnight vigil and people coming in to membership and being baptised on Easter Sunday! Check out our Events page for times and details. Everyone welcome!

  2. Church Email addresses not working

    17 October 2016

    Please note that none of the @mccnorthlondon email addresses are currently working – please bear with us while we attempt to fix this techinical problem. If you wish to get in touch with us in the meantime, please use our facebook page!

  3. Training

    12 March 2016

    For anyone who is interested in being involved with the Sunday services as a reader, acolyte, collection steward or prayer station, we have a training session this sunday 13th March at 4pm.

  4. Cold Weather Shelter

    20 February 2016

    Well, it’s mid-February, and the Shelter is in full swing now. Thank you to everyone who turns up to give their time, love and energy on a Monday night or early on Tuesday morning – especially all those who have stepped in to cover shifts at the last minute. The need for our work is ever greater, as more people find themselves homeless and funding for support and shelters is reduced, so your help is extremely valuable and gratefully recieved. Keep up the good work!

  5. AGM and New Board

    30 November 2014

    redchairsThank you to everyone who attended the AGM. AGMs may not be the most thrilling engagements in our social calendar, but they are vital to keeping our church running!

    It is wonderful to see how our community and work have grown and developed over this year, and to look forward to new opportunities to share God’s love in the months to come.

    Well done and welcome to our new Board Members: Alex, Lulu, Gisela and Flora, and to PJ, Reubs and Richard who have been brave enough to return for another term!

    Please hold all our new Board in your prayers over the coming weeks.

  6. New Testament Greek

    30 October 2014


    4 week course beginning Monday, 17 November 2014, 7:15 for 7:30pm, at “St Mary with All Souls”, Kilburn.

    Want to know what koinē (κοινή) Greek is all about? Want to be able to study the New Testament in its original language?

    If you are interested, speak to one of the MCC North London ministry team or Father Andrew Cain.

  7. Trans* Day of Remembrance


    An Interfaith service of remembrance on Friday, 21st November 2014, 7pm, in the church.

    This is the time when we remember all the lives lost to transphobic violence and bullying, and the human cost of ignorance and fear directed at God’s transgender children, and commit ourselves to ending such loss, and bringing about love, inclusion and wholeness for people of all gender identities.

    MCC North London will be having our own Trans Remembrance service the following Sunday, 23rd November 2014.


  8. Celebrating Communion Training


    This will take place on Sunday, 7th December 2014, at 4pm.

    While we all come from different Christian traditions, celebrating communion is an integral part of all our services.

    If you would like to be more involved in our services and become a celebrant, then please come along to this training session. At MCC North London, we believe in the “priesthood of all believers” and anyone who feels called to celebrate communion may do so; irrespective of gender, sexuality … or formal ordination.